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12. August 2015 – Many small and medium sized enterprises still run large, heterogeneous, often costly and inflexible storage infrastructures. This doesn’t have to be the case says IT service provider and manufacturer-independent storage specialists transtec. Solutions such as storage virtualisation, software-defined storage or flash memory can be used to quickly modernise and optimise infrastructures for the future.

Today, growing IT landscapes in SMEs are characterised by a shared storage infrastructure with decentralised data storage and management, as well as high-level administration. Cutting-edge IT storage solutions are a key element to reducing this complexity and cutting the TCO of a business storage solutions. Today companies and users are spoilt for choice with a wide range of systems and technologies available to assist.

Based on its years of experience in the storage industry, transtec recommends the three storage strategies presented below: storage virtualisation, software-defined storage and flash-based solutions.

Storage virtualisation

According to the same principle as server virtualisation, storage virtualisation leverages existing physical resources more efficiently, centralising and reducing management complexity and can increase availability with online migration. This allows administrators to transfer virtualised environments from one physical system to another without interrupting operation or system downtimes. Enterprises looking for a suitable storage virtualisation system should make sure that their existing hard disk systems can be virtualised and re-used. This allows companies to protect their existing investments.

This solution should ideally also support the migration of data from old to new systems without downtime, which is particularly beneficial when dealing with large data volumes or systems in 24/7 operation.

Turnkey software-defined storage appliance

An extension of storage virtualisation is software-define storage which separates the storage hardware from the software that manages the software infrastructure. In the past, this type of solution was too complex for many organisations, SMBs in particular. This is why today turnkey plug-and-play appliances are available that are quick and easy to install and keep administration to a minimum. They support all the functions and features required to implement a software-defined storage infrastructure, for example with automatic storage tiering and intelligent management.

Hybrid-flash and all-flash products

Hybrid-flash or all-flash products are recommended for company-critical applications where real-time data availability is essential. This also applies when high I/O performance is just as critical as high capacity; examples here include databases (SQL, Oracle, Exchange) or VDI workloads. In terms of future reliability and compatibility, companies should also consider using flash-based solutions for new storage investments as traditional hard disk systems are becoming less popular and the trend is clearly moving toward hybrid-flash and all-flash solutions. As a result of the increasing price erosion in this sector, they are expected to replace many HDD-based systems in the medium term.

For decades, transtec has been advising companies on their choice of storage solutions and has developed into an IT storage expert. “Our day-to-day business activities involve finding the optimum storage solution to suit varying customer requirements with the focus on achieving the right price-performance balance”, explains Matthew Prew, Managing Director at transtec. “Our service portfolio ranges from consulting services, performance analyses of existing systems and the selection and rollout of solutions including the right level of service and support”.

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