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The transtec’s services portfolio evolves as customers‘ demands change. Starting this year, transtec is able to provide HPC Cloud Services. transtec uses a dedicated datacenter to provide computing power to customers who are in need of more capacity than they own, which is why this workflow model is sometimes called computing on-demand. With these dynamically provided resources, customers with the possibility to have their jobs run on HPC nodes in a dedicated datacenter, professionally managed and secured, and individually customizable. Numerous standard applications like ANSYS, LS-Dyna, OpenFOAM, as well as lots of codes like Gromacs, NAMD, VMD, and others are pre-installed, integrated into an enterprise-ready cloud and workload management environment, and ready to run.

Alternatively, whenever customers are in need of space for hosting their own HPC equipment because they do not have the space capacity or cooling and power infrastructure themselves, transtec is also able to provide Hosting Services to those customers who’d like to have their equipment professionally hosted, maintained, and managed. Customers can thus build up their own private cloud!

HPC as a Service (HPCaaS)

transtec HPC as a Service (HPCaaS)

You will get a range of applications like LS-Dyna, ANSYS, Gromacs, NAMD etc. from all kinds of areas pre-installed, integrated into an enterprise-ready cloud and workload management system, and ready-to run.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

transtec Platform as a Service (PaaS)

You will be provided with dynamically provided compute nodes for running your individual code. The operating system will be pre-installed according to your requirements. Common Linux distributions like RedHat, CentOS, or SLES are the standard.

Hosting as a Service (HaaS)

transtec Hosting as a Service (HaaS)

You will be provided with hosting space inside a professionally managed and secured datacenter where you can have your machines hosted, managed, maintained, according to your requirements. Thus, you can build up your own private cloud.

Do you miss your application?

Do you need another distribution?

What range of hosting and maintenance services do you need?

End user

Are you an end user?

Then doing your work as productive as possible is of utmost importance to you! You are interested in an IT environment running smoothly, with a fully functional infrastructure, in competent and professional support by internal administrators and external service providers, and a service desk with guaranteed availability at working times. HPC cloud services ensure you are able to run your simulation jobs even if computational requirements exceed the local capacities.


Are you an administrator?

Then you are responsible for providing a well-performing IT infrastructure, for supporting the end users when problems occur. In situations where problem management fully exploits your capacity, or in cases where you just don’t have time or maybe lack experience in performing certain tasks, you might be glad to be assisted by specialized IT experts.

R & D manager

Are you an R & D manager?

Then your job is to ensure that developers, researchers, and other end users are able to do their job. To have a partner at hand that provides you with a full range of operations support, either in a completely flexible, on-demand base, or in a fully-managed way based on ITIL best practices, is heartily welcome for you.

Chief Information Officer

Are you a CIO?

Then your main concern is a smoothly-running IT operations environment with a maximum of efficiency and effectivity. Managed Services to ensure business continuity are a main part of your considerations regarding business objectives. HPC cloud services are a vital part of your capacity plannings to ensure the availability of computational resources to your internal clients, the R & D departments.

Chief Executive Officer

Are you a CEO?

Profitability, time-to-result, business continuity, and ensuring future viability are topics that you continuously have to think about. You are happy to have a partner at hand, who gives you insight into future developments, provides you with technology consulting, and is able to help you ensure business continuity and fall-back scenarios, as well as scalability readiness, by means of IT capacity outsourcing solutioons.

We analyse your environment focusing on ideal configuration.

We support your administration team in coping with everyday tasks as well as in implementing challenging projects that change your IT infrastructure.

We design and implement innovative solutions and test scenarios.

We offer you central management with a transtec service agreement, so you only have one contact for all issues concerning your IT environment.

Services and Customer Care from A to Z

transtec AG has over 30 years of experience in scientific computing and is one of the earliest manufacturers of HPC clusters. For nearly a decade, transtec has delivered highly customized High Performance clusters based on standard components to academic and industry customers across Europe with all the high quality standards and the customer-centric approach that transtec is well known for. Every transtec HPC solution is more than just a rack full of hardware – it is a comprehensive solution with everything the HPC user, owner, and operator need. In the early stages of any customer’s HPC project, transtec experts provide extensive and detailed consulting to the customer – they benefit from expertise and experience. Consulting is followed by benchmarking of different systems with either specifically crafted customer code or generally accepted benchmarking routines; this aids customers in sizing and devising the optimal and detailed HPC configuration. Each and every piece of HPC hardware that leaves our factory undergoes a burn-in procedure of 24 hours or more if necessary. We make sure that any hardware shipped meets our and our customers’ quality requirements. transtec HPC solutions are turnkey solutions. By default, a transtec HPC cluster has everything installed and configured – from hardware and operating system to important middleware components like cluster management or developer tools and the customer’s production applications. Onsite delivery means onsite integration into the customer’s production environment, be it establishing network connectivity to the corporate network, or setting up software and configuration parts.

transtec HPC clusters are ready-to-run systems – we deliver, you turn the key, the system delivers high performance. Every HPC project entails transfer to production: IT operation processes and policies apply to the new HPC system. Effectively, IT personnel is trained hands-on, introduced to hardware components and software, with all operational aspects of configuration management.

transtec services do not stop when the implementation projects ends. Beyond transfer to production, transtec takes care. transtec offers a variety of support and service options, tailored to the customer’s needs. When you are in need of a new installation, a major reconfiguration or an update of your solution – transtec is able to support your staff and, if you lack the resources for maintaining the cluster yourself, maintain the HPC solution for you.

From Professional Services to Managed Services for daily operations and required service levels, transtec will be your complete HPC service and solution provider. transtec’s high standards of performance, reliability and dependability assure your productivity and complete satisfaction. transtec’s offerings of HPC Managed Services offer customers the possibility of having the complete management and administration of the HPC cluster managed by transtec service specialists, in an ITIL compliant way. Moreover, transtec’s HPC on Demand services help provide access to HPC resources whenever they need them, for example, because they do not have the possibility of owning and running an HPC cluster themselves, due to lacking infrastructure, know-how, or admin staff.

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