Direct Liquid Cooling

The efficient cooling of a supercomputer is one of the most current main topics in high-performance computing. Until now, a large part of the total energy used for an HPC system is utilized for generating the required cooling. But for deploying ever larger and more powerful HPC environments, new cooling solutions need to be found.

There are curently two kinds of direct liquid cooling concepts that have been tested and ready for productive use:

Direct Contact Liquid Cooling

cooling by means of a direct contact between a heat consumer through which the cooling liquid flows and the hot spots of the server – direct contact liquid cooling

Total Immersion Cooling

cooling by means of total immersion of the server into an electrically non-conducting liquid – total immersion cooling

The advantages of direct liquid cooling:
Because significantly higher return flow temperatures can be reached, the waste heat can be recycled for heating the building. Cost savings because there is no need for cooling generators or refrigeration Constant server environment with regards to temperature, no vibrations, no dust Low-noise environment for administrators Significantly higher package density can be reached More powerful CPUs can be used

The greatest advantage with direct liquid cooling ist the possibility for the cooling liquid to reach a higher return flow temperature. This opens the way for new means to use the waste heat for heating, or to make use of free air cooling at any time of day, or the year.

Our solution

We are happy to help you in finding the optimal cooling solution based on direct liquid cooling. Several factors like cost and energy savings, the option of recycling the waste heat, or an already existing cooling infrastructure need to be taken into account. We collaborate and partner with well-known experts like Iceotope, CoolIT, or Asetek, and are thus able to configure a solution that best fits your requirements.

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