Cluster- and Workload Management

Initially, massively parallel systems like HPC clusters constituted a challenge to both administrators and users. They are complex beasts. Anyone building HPC clusters will need to tame the beast, master the complexity, and present users and administrators with an easy-to-use, easy-to-manage system landscape.

transtec as a leading HPC solution provider achieves this goal. They hide the complexity of HPC under the hood and match high performance with efficiencyand ease of use for both users and administrators. The “P” in “HPC” gains a double meaning: “performance” and “productivity”.

On the one hand side customers may choose to use our transtec HPC management stack, based on well-known and popular open-source tools like xCAT, Nagios, Ganglia, and modules, which provide administrators a familiar and comfortable management environment.

For workload management, the transtec HPC management stacke comprises well-proven software like Torque/Maui, SLURM, OpenPBS, or Sun Grid Engine based derivatives.

Optionally, customers may opt for commercial, enterprise-ready software: Bright Cluster Manager or IBM Platform HPC Suite bother offer a comprehensive solutions for HPC cluster management. Moab, LSF, or PBS Pro are powerful workload management environments that offer a large variety of configuration and tuning options.

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