In countries like Germany, the automotive industry is held in highest esteem, and looks back upon a long tradition. Since the very beginning, continuous innovation and the refinement of existing technologies are of utmost importance for the development of ever safer cars, and for enthralling customers by new vehicle dynamics. A passion for cars is deep-rooted in Germany.

Continuous enhancements in vehicle technology are closely related to an increasing complexity of the development tasks and an ever closer integration of all disciplines. The deployment of computer-aided methods is required for making design decisions in a very early stage of the future car development. By means of these simulations, material resources can be saved when testing multiple variants.

Meanwhile computer-aided simulations have become basic tools in vehicle development. Nowadays engineers perform a multi-disciplinary optimization connecting different aspects of vehicle design and material properties.

More detailed models possessing finer meshes put high requirements on the computing power and the memory capacity of the systems utilized. The productive application is highly optimized and runs in a parallel mode. This is why high performance computing clusters can be deployed for computer-aided engineering, reducing time-to-results significantly.

The aim of computer-aided optimizations may be the reduction of mass and material in the vehicle body, the lowering of fuel consumption, or stability and safety enhancements. The deployment of high-performance computing capacity allows for results that are closer to reality and provide the decision basis regarding the further vehicle development.

Our solution

transtec offers a wide range of HPC solutions – from highly specialized workstations for pre and post-processing, to high-performance computing clusters with a high-speed parallel filesystem attached, perfectly matching the needs of CAE applications. Our aim is to provide you with an optimized and powerful environment that meets all your requirements and is easy to manage and easy to use.

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