Big Data Analytics

Today big data is everywhere. Big data analytics – the process of analysing large data sets – has become an important new area of business for many enterprises. Results extracted from this data are being used to increase productivity and leverage innovations and customer benefits.

Big data is a broad term applied when extremely large and complex data sets have to be captured and analysed as quickly as possible. The objective is to transform this data into knowledge and extract relevant information for the company and curate data in order to generate market benefits. Powerful computing systems are required to perform High Performance Data Analytics (HPDA) as these analyses are extremely time critical.

The volume of data traffic has grown exponentially over the last few years, and has in fact tripled between 2012 and 2015 alone. Approx. 40 zettabytes of relevant data is predicted in 2020 This volume is accumulated from the Internet of Things (IoT), from online shopping, from measuring weather and climate data, from sensor data in vehicles or air traffic data analyses, for example.

The use of high-performance computers for big data analytics allows immediate access to company-relevant information. In-memory databases support particularly fast analyses as they are no longer stored on hard disks but on a computer's internal memory instead. Data access rates are reduced enormously and support the real-time analysis of an enterprise's business data.

Examples of where big data analytics is used include in monitoring trends such as elections or social opinions, in forecasting dangerous weather phenomena or earthquakes, in cryptology analyses or monitoring credit card use with the aim of immediately identifying credit card fraud and stopping it before any damage occurs. We have entered a new era with big data analytics. transtec can help you select the right system to analyse your data quickly.

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