transtec: Big data analytics must be targeted to SMEs

Banbury, 10. May 2016 – Big data is a confusing topic among small to medium-sized enterprises: it is only relevant for large corporations with extreme data volumes and high IT budgets. IT service provider transtec rejects this opinion.

Small and medium-sized businesses make the wrong assumptions and compare big data to extremely large data volumes. This is only half true as the complexity involved in big data is also based on the data structure and data speed: besides structured database content, partly-structured and unstructured data such as e-mails, audio and video files, office and image documents, social media entries or sensor information are also sent in large volumes - not just in large companies but also in SMEs.

"Many companies share the opinion that the costs for managing and analysing this volume and diversity of data would overwhelm them. Yet this argument does not go far enough and neglects important aspects", explains Dr. Oliver Tennert, Director of HPC solutions at transtec. "It is the classic knockout argument when big data is discussed yet it is simply not applicable. In contrast, each big data rollout reduces cost in a sustainable way. This is also underpinned by all big data projects which we have rolled out.

It is obvious in an age of digital transformation that data is an important decision-making asset for almost every company. The main challenge is how to record, prepare and analyse data. "As data volumes continue to grow - just think about the increasing networking of devices in the Internet of Things - a company will not be able to avoid the topic of big data in the future", emphasises Lisa Wölk, Business Development Manager at transtec. "Of course you need efficient big data analytics solutions that can manage the plethora of data." The aim of the analysis is to convert data as quickly as possible into knowledge with which the company can use to take important decisions.

If correctly recorded, filtered, presented and analysed, data is a vital source of information for every company. They can be used for a variety of purposes, for example for optimizing business processes, developing new business models, products and services or simply for taking faster and strategically better decisions. Big data is also classically deployed to improve customer relations based on extensive social media analyses. This underlines the fact that big data analytics is relevant to every business segment, from manufacturing industries such as mechanical engineering to logistics, service providers or trading companies.

The extensive possibilities provided by big data analytics show the benefits of this technology: One importer of tropical fruits deploys big data analytics in its daily planning, for example to calculate how much goods are required when. This enables a precise sales forecast and avoids ordering and stocking too much or too little fruit. A mechanical engineer also applies a big data analytics solution for predictive maintenance based on recording and analysing machinery and process data. The analysis of large volumes of data is realtime enables users to detect specific error patterns and troubleshoot these problems quickly.

Small to medium-sized businesses with limited human resources who are looking to rollout a big data solution should seek the support and services of a highly qualified solutions partner with an extensive portfolio of services," explains Dr. Tennert. "The partner should offer consultancy, solution implementation as well as service and support."

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