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ttec cluster named one of the world’s fastest systems

Nijmegen, 21 June 2016 – The ForHLR-cluster installed by transtec at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) has been included into the June-list of the 500 fastest super computers worldwide, published on the 20.06.2016.

With a total performance R[max] of measured 768,3 TFLOPS it ranks on position 125 and hence belongs to the 125 fastest computer systems in the world. Only the approx.1 PFLOPS-fast system delivered by ttec, which represents the largest computer of the KIT to date with far more than 23.000 CPU cores, has entered the performance measurement. This system, which is based on the Lenovo Intelligent Cluster and roughly incorporates about 170 computing nodes, reported a power consumption of roughly 435 KW in the course of the performance test, which, however, already includes additional server room cooling as well as the joined Parallel File System.

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The IT service provider ttec Computer B.V. offers unique IT expertise based on the combination of its manufacturer, system house and High Performance Computing (HPC) competence. ttec delivers client-specific solutions, a broad service portfolio and fulfils the highest security standards with its Cloud. Customers include public institutions as well as companies from different branches. The market-listed company has offices in Germany, France, Great Britain and Switzerland and generated a revenue of 44,6 million Euros in 2015.

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