Nimble Storage

The Hybrid Storage solutions from Nimble combine extremely fast NVRAM with a mixture of SSDs and high-capacity hard disks. This produces systems that offer maximum performance at minimum investment. Systems for VDI environments (Citrix, VMware), databases such as SQL, Exchange or Oracle and as virtualization platform (Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware ESXi) are particularly recommended.

Main benefits

  • High I/O performance - up to 500K IOPS (4-node cluster)
  • Reduce latency to less than a millisecond
  • Primary storage as well as backup and disaster recovery on one platform
  • Shorter Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) - reduced backup and restore times from days to just several minutes
  • Streamlined to efficiency - inline compression saves 30-75% disk space
  • High application integration - especially in VMware, Microsoft applications and Commvault
  • Easiest administration - no-stress management with intuitive user interface, proactive support


CS family arrays

CS210, CS215 and CS235

The CS210, CS215 and CS235 offer affordable performance and features for small to medium-sized IT organizations or branches for workloads such as Microsoft Exchange and VDI.

  • Up to 15K IOPS.


The CS300 models are ideal for use in IT departments of SMEs or in organizations spread over various locations. They offer the best capacity for money for workloads such as Microsoft applications, VDI installations and consolidated, virtualized server environments.

  • The CS300 models deliver up to 30K IOPS.


The CS500 models are suitable for large infrastructures due to their higher performance. They are designed for processing I/O intensive workloads and are the right choice for companies running extensive VDI environments and Oracle or SQL server databases.

  • The CS500 models deliver up to 90K IOPS.


The CS700 modules have been developed for company-wide installations where several applications with sophisticated performance demands are operated over large distances.

  • They deliver up to 125K IOPS.

Software features

Nimble Storage software

Nimble Storage CS arrays offer the entire bandwidth of modern storage software features including in the system price. The most important functions include:

  • Dynamic caching
  • Write-optimised data layout
  • Synchronization of block size/application
  • Continuous compression
  • Thin provisioning - instantaneous point-in-time snapshots
  • WAN replication
  • Zero-copy clone
  • Application-consistent backups
  • Scalable without interruption
  • Scale-out clustering
  • Active monitoring
  • Failover removal
  • Safer remote support
  • Standardized administration
  • Multi-path connection manager

Active monitoring

  • Real-time monitoring and analysis of system parameters, sending
  • of support incidents for proactive troubleshooting
  • Smooth system operation with optimum performance, problems are identified before
  • the system malfunctions

Non-interruptible upgrades

  • Upgrade of software and firmware without interrupting production
  • Maximizes operating time and productivity with constant application availability

Safer remote maintenance

  • Nimble Storage support can collect logs, analyze errors and troubleshoot with call home function over a safe connection.

Technical data

Value Family

Base Performance

High Performance

Extreme Performance

Product CS210 CS215 CS235 CS300 CS500 CS700
Performance IOPS 15K 30K 90K 125K
Base Raw capacity 8TB 12TB 24TB 12TB to 72TB
Effective Capacity 4TB to 8TB 8TB to 16TB 16TB to 32TB 8TB to 100TB
Flash Base/Max 160GB to 640GB 320GB to 1.200GB 640GB to 1200GB 640GB to 3,200GB 1.200GB to 6,400GB 3.200GB to 6,400GB
All-Flash Shelf N/A N/A N/A Add 1 shelf (up to 25.6TB flash)
Add-On Disk Shelf Add 1 shelf Add 3 shelf Add 3 shelf Add up to 6 expansion disk shelves
Effective Capacity (w/ max shelves) Up to 98TB Upto286TB (2x ES1-H90T+ES1-H25T) Up to 302TB (2x ES1-H90T +ES1-H45T) Up to 844TB (with CS500, CS700 only)
4-node Cluster Up to 384TB / 2.56TB Flash Up to 1.1 PB eff. capacity/ 4.8TB Flash Up to 1.2PB eff. capacity/ 4.8TB Flash Up to 3.3PB effective capacity (Up to 166.4TB Flash)
TOTAL NICs 2 2 2 3
iSCSi Protocol Options 4 x 1GbE 2x 1 GbE (on board) AND 2x Dual 1GbE or 1x Dual 10GbE SFP+ Optical or 1x Dual 10GbaseT 2x 1 GbE (on board) AND 2x Dual 1GbE or 1x Dual 10GbE SFP+ Optical or 1x Dual 10GbaseT 2x 1 GbE (on board) AND up to 2x Dual 1OGbaseT (optional) or 2x Dual 10GbE SFP+ (optional)
Fiber Channel Options N/A N/A 1 Dual-Port 16Gb FC NICs 1 Dual-Port 16Gb FC NICs 1 or 2 Dual-Port 16Gb FC NICs 2 or 3 Dual-Port 16Gb FC NICs