IBM FlashSystem V9000

IBM FlashSystem V9000 Enterprise delivers the full capabilities of Software Defined Storage from IBM plus the scalable performance of flash system storage in one enterprise storage system. Business critical applications can be accelerated thanks to external virtualization and flash performance. A wide range of storage services consolidates existing storage systems into one management interface.

A variety of different applications and infrastructures can be accelerated with FlashSystem V9000. It can be deployed in high-performance database applications such as Oracle, SAP or IBM DB2. In this scenario this solution shows its strengths by managing a large number of users simultaneously, performing challenging database requests and high performance requirements on one single system. To meet the I/O requirements of mixed workload environments, the FlashSystem V9000 achieves up to 2,500,000 IOPS. This is done with IBM MicroLatency with a constant low latency.

Software features

Real-Time Compression

The real-time compression function of the FlashSystem V9000 supports hardware compression acceleration to increase effective capacity of storage systems up to five times with over 1,000,000 IOPS. Compression is not recommended for all workloads; IBM supports compression based on individual volumes.


With easy tiering data can be automatically moved between various storage classes based on their access frequency. Combined with thin provisioning this optimises the existing storage array.

Quality of Service

To consolidate existing storage islands data can be dynamically moved between different storage devices. QoS for storage can be used to guarantee or limit application performance.

High Availability

Another important feature is the comprehensive DR options provided by the FlashSystem V9000. Snapshots, clones and various options for synchronous or asynchronous replication allow you to replicate a variety of high availability and business continuance scenarios.

Performance und Effizienz

FlashSystem V9000 can manage up to 2.2 PB internally and accommodates an external storage capacity of up to 32 PB which can be administered from a standardized user interface regardless of the storage systems connected. FlashSystem V9000 can systematically optimize all resources with a focus on performance and efficiency.

Performance data

Maximale Performance – pro festem Modul (100 % Lesen, Cache-Miss)

Minimale Latenz (4K) 200 µs
IOPS (4K) 630.000
Bandbreite (128K) 9,5 GB/s

Maximale Performance – Horizontal skaliert (100 % Lesen, 4 Module)

Latenz (4K) 200 µs
IOPS (4K) 2.520.000
Bandbreite (128K) 30 GB/s
IOPS (4K) mit Real-time Compression 1.200.000

Technical data

Flash type IBM-based MLC technology
Maximum storage capacity
  • Internal storage housing: Scalable from 2.2 TB (usable) to up to 456 TB (usable) with full horizontal scaling of controller housing
  • Effective internal use: From 11 TB to 2.2 PB with full horizontal scaling of controller housing (at 80 % reduction)
  • External: Up to 32 PB usable capacity
RAS functions (Reliability, Availability, Serviceability)
  • Two-dimensional flash RAID
  • Module-level IBM Variable Stripe RAID
  • System-level RAID 5 (across modules)
  • Hot-swappable flash modules
  • Toolless module installation/swap
  • Simultaneous code loading
  • Redundant and hot-swappable components
Encryption Data-at-Rest AES-XTS 256
Host connection options
  • 16 x 16/8/4 GB Fibre Channel (FC)
  • 8 x 10 GB Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE)
  • 8 x 10 GB Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI)
Shared SMP processor configuration Two 8-core processors of Intel® Xeon® E5-v2 product family
Processor storage 64 GB per engine