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Customer opinion

"After a three-year successful collaboration with transtec, we expected the company to deliver a convincing concept for expanding our HPC infrastructure to meet the technical IT requirements of our researchers by applying the most innovative resources. transtec‘s solution not only produced a high cluster computing performance but also offered the option of effciently integrating existing resources into our data centre. Our scientists can now carry out larger simulations which were up until now not possible."

Head of HPC at FZD


Since 1992, the Forschungszentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (FZD) has been engaged in basic and application-oriented research. The main topics are advanced materials, cancer research and nuclear safety research. It currently employs approximately 750 people. The research centre‘s work would be inconceivable without a high-performance system: Resource-intensive calculations and simulations are carried out every day and data generated from experiments are analysed. For the last eight years, the FZD has been using a high-performance cluster for these tasks. In 2009, the research centre decided to double the computing power of the existing cluster by implementing another cluster. The new cluster is mainly used for sequential and parallel calculations. The demands on processor computing performance and RAM, hard drive capacity and network performance are equally high.