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City Biel / Bienne

Stadt Biel/Bienne

Customer opinion

"Initially we considered acquiring a pure disk-to-disk solution. However, we were not convinced that this technology was mature enough and we therefore decided to go with a tape solution." 
"Now that the Overland library is in use I can take a holiday without worrying about what may happen in my absence and the same applies to the rest of the staff: we all know that if worse comes to worse backups can be restored without a hitch."


Biel, a Swiss town in the Bienne district of the canton Bern has 50,000 inhabitants and is the largest bilingual city in Switzerland. The municipal IT department services forty or so servers and is also responsible for a 600-unit PC pool. The town’s municipal IT infrastructure is diversified – 180 different programs are in use and both hardware and users are spread over several locations.