The Augsburg Central Hospital

Klinikum Augsburg

Customer opinion

"We have an extremely reliable and lightning-quick system for uninterrupted 24-hour operation. Critical areas are also covered by a RAID hard drive. transtec was a competent and reliable partner, from the planning to the implementation of the system. We are more than satisfied with the solution."

Responsible for system management at the Augsburg Hospital


The Augsburg Hospital is using an extensive, heterogeneous and high-availability server landscape for the electronic management of complex hospital operation and for secure data handling used for more than 150,000 patients annually. 
Operating in a 24/7 hospital environment for 365 days a year means that the IT systems deployed are needed to provide the highest degree of reliability, the fastest protection of critical areas and short response times. The rapid increase in the demand for more memory requires a scaleable system, which can be extended without problem.