transtec Virtual Graphic Workspace

Users' IT requirements are changing constantly. Although the demand for a fast PC/workstation performance has not changed, today's users require even more. Companies have to offer a mobile work environment for their field staff or home office use if they want to attract and retain qualified personnel.

General concept

transtec reference architecture

The transtec reference architecture "Virtual Graphic Workspace"

The Citrix software technology offers an extensive portfolio to bundle together various end devices & platforms for a high-performance and secure environment. Users can work with the same Windows interface and the same data whether they are located inside or outside the office.

transtec AG delivers the right hardware for these solutions.

With its new CUDA server, transtec is offering a ready, high-performance virtual graphics workspace solution based on Tesla and GRID architecture. It is certified for both the Citrix XenServer and for VMware vSphere. Multiple CAD/CAE users can share the Nvidia graphics cards designed with virtualisation capabilities to experience the best and most smoothest 3D performance streaming even when remoting.

To ensure a similar or even better user experience than with a conventional PC, it is essential to integrate a high-performance and fail-safe storage platform – nimble offers flash optimised, innovative storage arrays, offering large yet space-saving storage capacities for the data centre.

  • Everything from one source (consultation, manufacturer and integration)
  • Independent from end devices
  • Flexible and high-performance storage solution
  • Data protection with centralised data storage and backup

Our solution

transtec can help you design a turnkey solution customised to your individual requirements

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