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transtec Cloud Solutions

The question of whether we want to install and manage all servers and services in-house in our own enterprise is something we need to consider with every new IT investment. Several different technologies are bundled together under the term cloud. public cloud, private cloud, IaaS cloud service, cloud infrastructure.

The transtec concept "make IT cloud" is an extremely flexible and individual use of infrastructure and services.

transtec cloud services

At transtec, we believe cloud services to be technologies that can provide users with applications and services in an extremely flexible way. Applications can run in the enterprise's own data centre or can be outsourced. In most cases, customers opt for hybrid versions (hybrid cloud). One part of the applications is operated in the enterprise's own data centre (sensitive data) and one part is leased as a service.


Systematic planning is essential if you want to successfully migrate or relocate your infrastructure onto a cloud solution. In most cases, the shift to cloud is performed gradually. Individual services such as e-mail or backup can be relatively easily sourced as cloud services.

We make a distinction between four models

External private cloud

The data centre is completely operated by transtec on a shared platform or a dedicated hardware is deployed in the data centre for each customer to operate his own applications and services.

transtec Private Cloud extern

Public cloud

All services are purchased externally, the use of which is paid for regularly. No local server infrastructure is required.

transtec Public Cloud

Hybrid cloud

One part of the infrastructure is set up and operated internally. External services are additionally integrated when needed into the entire system that help to scale an environment.

transtec Hybrid Cloud

Internal private cloud

The infrastructure continues to be operated in the enterprise's own rooms and on its own hardware. New cloud technologies are however deployed to maintain the highest level of availability, flexibility and adaptation possibilities.

transtec Private Cloud intern

Our solution

The transtec cloud concept supports this process by discussing, documenting and deploying the following steps:

  1. What is the objective: Flexibility, save costs, new licensing options
  2. Record applications and services that are currently used
  3. Future requirements of departments and business divisions
  4. Analysis of options
  5. Define how the requirements will be covered
  6. Project planning and deployment
  7. Operation and monitoring of the environment

transtec has a wide variety of options and technologies to choose from to optimally meet your requirements and design the perfect solution.

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