Protect your intellectual property

Small and medium sized companies are at constant risk of sometimes targeted and sometimes untargeted attacks, in which their know-how, ideas and intellectual property are stolen.

Solution concepts

transtec provides you with modular solution concepts that can be customised to meet your requirements and grow with you over time.

transtec AG can devise the ideal security concept for your needs. Our experts can assist from planning to implementation to operation.

Our certified consultants and engineers can show you different methods and options for protecting your business-critical data against intruders and destruction (e.g. due to viruses, worms and similar threats).

An increasing number of services are migrated to public clouds or web services and used. More and more interfaces with partners and suppliers are established on the Internet. This results an increased threat level for all companies.  

Previous conventional security solutions with a simple firewall and virus protection are no longer adequate in many cases.

The latest security concepts should also cover the following areas:

  • Multi-level virus / spyware protection with different antivirus engines
  • Central logging / reporting in compliance with data protection regulations
  • Protection of internal systems accessed from the Internet (Outlook web access, e-mail synchronisation, internal web servers) against unauthorised access and threats such as SQL injection attacks.
  • Secure and centrally managed connection of guests and internal users using the same WLAN infrastructure with hot spot functionality (WLAN cloud)
  • User (group) specific suppression or time limited access to particular URLs (single sign on with Active Directory connection or eDirectory)

Suitable products

Trend Micro

New technologies and the growing demands on modern workstations such as cloud services, private devices in company networks and access to enterprise data bring diverse options for greater productivity and a more flexible mobile workforce. But they also expose your company network to new risks and gateways for external attack and threats.


SOPHOS Firewall Systems

Diverse Security Requirements – One Solution: Sophos Appliances

Security solutions in data centres now need to meet a wide range of requirements. The diversity of architectures - from physical servers for each application through to completely virtualised data centres - call for customised individual concepts to safeguard your environments.