Mobile working
the trend of times


24x7, 365-day a year data access irrespective of location on a variety of end devices: this is what we expect and require in today’s business world dominated by digitalisation and automation. A social change which is affecting how we live and work. All business functions and operations must comply with the highest safety standards. transtec has the right solutions for you!

"Mobile" Themen

IBM MaaS360

The various IBM MaaS360 product suites offer a wide range of platform-wide solutions for isolating and protecting business data on employees’ private devices.

IBM Endpoint Manager

IBM Endpoint Manager (EPM) is an extremely powerful tool for the realtime administration of all an organization's physical and virtual servers and clients (PCs & mobile devices).

Employees are increasingly using a wide variety of different end devices and operating system platforms.

The demand for desktop virtualisation is justified by the considerable effort and expense required to administer individual workstations.