Backup and Disaster Recovery

With the introduction of new virtualisation technologies, the backup and disaster recovery possibilities have also changed. Backups are no longer just performed overnight. Continual backups are also extremely popular today. Internet band widths also support data backups across a WAN connection. Online backups is an alternative that should be considered when deciding on a backup concept.

Decisive factors when selecting the right solution:

  • Availability for individual applications
  • How much data can be lost in the event of a crash
  • How long can you wait until operation can be restored
  • Total breakdown scenario

Where is the data stored:

Where is the data stored: besides asking yourself how often a backup should be performed, it is also important to consider where this backup data is stored. The following options are deployed:

  • Store tapes in a second company building
  • Regularly deposit tapes in an external safe (bank)
  • Online backup at a second company site
  • Online backup in a data centre

Our solution

How to design a backup and disaster recovery solution tailored to your requirements:

  1. Define the SLA specified for your business
  2. Share services and applications according to SLA
  3. Define backup cycles
  4. Determine optimum technology
  5. Describe disaster recovery scenarios
  6. Plan inspections, monitoring and regular tests.

transtec has solutions and extensive experience available to meet all these requirements - regardless of whether you require your backup on tape, a disk systems or over WAN in a data centre. We can also manage the operation and monitoring of your backup on request. This will ensure that you will always have access to your data in any eventuality.

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