Remote 3D Visualization

Hardware performance is but one aspect of HPC, but in many development departments workflow optimization is key. In the CAE/CAD environments of many companies the focus is on increasing the efficiency in the post-processing of simulation data. The idea is to process the data where they have been created in the first place: on the HPC cluster. Remote visualization makes this possible, and provides a way to run OpenGL applications and their typical 3D graphics remotely via the network to the clients.

Moreover, modern workflows nowadays require collaboration of several teams located at different sites. From an efficiency point of view, copying and transferring back and forth of large amounts of data is the worst possible scenario.

Usage of a resource-intensive application ...

... on a cluster in the data center.

Remote 3D visualization privides a high-performance server-side rendering of OpenGL applications, with only the 2D image data being transferred over the network. In addition, by means of specialized software solutions like NICE DCV and hypervisors like KVM or XenServer, hardware utilization is much better than in traditional scenarios using local graphics resources in the workstations. GPUs based on the current NVIDIA GRID architecture provide hardware support for these virtualization technologies.

Our solution

transtec has a great experience in the realization of 3D visualization solutions and provides support to customers implementing new and more efficient workflows.

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