Biosciences and Medical Research

An understanding of metabolic reactions in the organism or the development of new pharmaceutical drugs is virtually impossible without a precise knowledge of biochemical or molecular dynamics.

Scientists require large computing capacities to carry out genetic research into the evolutionary relationships between species, the effect of viruses on the genetic code or the predisposition for hereditary illnesses.

Our solution

transtec designs and rolls out customised solutions for remote visualisation to help customers optimise their workflow and consolidate their data. Particularly for special 3D rendering requirements in the bioscientific environment, NICE DCV plays an important role and has the primary objective of sending graphics from 3D and OpenGL applications by WAN or Internet connections with lower bandwidth and higher latency. Besides optimising the entire IT hardware application, this highly efficient solution also supports collaboration across locations and centralised data storage.

A transtec solution also offers: Customer support and service from A to Z. From individual advice to extensive support including business-supporting and managed services - transtec offers an extensive portfolio of services from a single source.