Life Sciences

Today a key factor governing the economic success of a country is its research into basic life sciences issues. Research into life sciences is carried out at universities but also into private sector research institutes. The objective is to develop a deeper understanding of all mechanisms and relations in nature and society.

Alongside theory and experimentation, simulation has also emerged as the third pillar of research. Computer-aided simulation is faster and less expensive, preserves resources and is sometimes the only way of extracting new findings. Together with the analysis and evaluation of large data volumes, the field of computational science was developed, i.e. using computers to calculate scientific tasks and analysing the extracted data.

Research and development would be inconceivable today without High Performance Computing – HPC. One single workstation often does not have the capacity required to compute most scientific data. Increasingly more parallel computers are used that can calculate data in a fraction of the time. These complex computers are also individually configured to the specific needs.

Fields of research that profit from HPC

  • Protein analysis
  • Genetic sequencing
  • Weather forecasting and climate change calculations
  • Trials on new chemical substances
  • Mapping ocean currents
  • Colliding black holes
  • Research into stars and galaxies
  • Quantum mechanics
  • Origin and spread of earthquakes

Alongside hardware, algorithms and software are also required to leverage maximum performance. Research is also carried out in this field to develop new mathematical models to increase hardware capacities and to incorporate other scientific disciplines into computational calculations.

Our solution

transtec is your partner with planning, installing and operating a complex high performance computer system. As an experienced HPC-specialist we are happy to personally support you with the optimal configuration of your system. Our offerings herefore include the analysis of your existing hardware and software, consultation on possible configurations an the latest technologies, performing benchmarks, the installation of your system and the support.

The optimal combination of all relevant components in a high performance computer, such as processors, accelerators, high-speed networking, fast storage and software is happening under consideration of costs, energy-efficiency and the optimal cooling system of the system.