Core Business Segments

High Performance Computing

HPC – High Performance Computing

Our HPC solutions are used to calculate and simulate complex processes and to analyse extremely large quantities of measurement data. Scientifi c areas of application that apply our solutions include meteorology, climatology, astro and particle physics, systems biology, genetics, quantum chemistry or fl uid mechanics. Crash simulations in the automotive industry, CFD (computational fl uid dynamics) simulations in the aircraft industry or rendering of animation fi lms would be inconceivable today without transtec’s high-performance computers. We have already demonstrated our expertise in over 1,000 HPC installations throughout Europe. We support and assist customers along the entire lifecycle of the HPC cluster we deliver. Small and medium-sized businesses as well as academic institutes appreciate our intelligent systems with their straightforward management. Our decades of experience in all types of productive applications help us to understand our customers’ workfl ows. We are specialists in the sizing and deployment of HPC storage solutions and parallel fi le systems in customer environments and can look back on an extensive history of petabytes.

Products & Solutions

PSO – Products & Solutions

transtec has been an IT manufacturer for over 30 years now with an extensive made-in-Germany product portfolio ranging from personal computers and workstations to servers and storage systems. Our hardware program is completed with monitors, backup solutions and network peripherals.

Besides our manufacturer expertise, we also deliver custom solutions for virtualisation, storage, backup, security and cloud. Our transtec360 program offers our customers a wide range of services which all comply with industrial standards (ITIL V3 and PRINCE2). Our cloud solutions in the data centre in Germany all fulfi l the most stringent security standards. transtec’s virtualisation program starts with virtualised server and storage infrastructures and spreads to virtualised desktops and applications. As an IBM Premier Business Partner, transtec can deliver the full product range of high-performance IBM servers, storage and software solutions. All focus manufacturers continually award us with the latest certifi cation level. We never deliver off-the-shelf solutions, we always guarantee our customers customized solutions even if they require a complex solution.

Customized Systems & Appliances

CSA – Customized Systems & Appliances

Individuality is the key – this is why the transtec engineering team develops custom-made systems tailored to our clients’ requirements. A detailed profi le of the customer’s requirements is drawn up before each system is developed. This means our customers do not have to invest in too many or too little system parts which creates added effi ciency even with small volumes. Tailored systems and appliances ensure longevity alongside project and investment security. Our customers profi t from a longer service life, convenient handling and operation and continual high performance. It goes without saying that all our systems are tested after development and produced to the highest quality standards in Germany.

Turnkey systems can also be developed on request as part of the image and software management service, which are delivered pre-confi gured and immediately ready for use. Alongside the individual branding of systems to ensure a competitive advantage and recognition value, transtec also offers the customised design of chassis and housings.