Storage Virtualisation

Key to a flexible infrastructure

Storage virtualisation is a practical solution for small and large organisations to eliminate the physical, geographical and product-specific restrictions of conventional storage systems and their error susceptibility rate. It uses a centrally managed virtualisation layer over all storage resources - across storage systems from various manufacturers and technologies. 

Similar to server virtualisation, storage virtualisation can best deploy existing physical resources, increase availability as well as centralise and simplify management. Separating enterprise functions from the hardware will make infrastructures more agile and adaptable as well as protect your investments.

How can storage virtualisation help - the concept

Storage virtualisation is the key to a flexible infrastructure and basis for business continuity solutions.

Efficient deployment of all storage resources by:

  • Pooling all storage classes and storage systems
  • Optimum utilisation
  • Automatic storage tiering
  • Acceleration of storage access
  • Automation of key aspects of storage management

Increase security and availability by:

  • Synchronous data mirroring with zero downtime failover
  • Asynchronous replication across multiple locations
  • Continuous data protection
  • Simple data migration and extension in continuous operation
  • Elimination of downtimes caused by maintenance interventions such as firmware updates
  • Easy to adapt to new requirements and technologies
  • Topology independence


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