Shared Desktops

Efficient deployment

In contrast to virtual desktops, a shared desktop involves a large number of users sharing one server operating system where each user has his own profile and individual desktop.

At a first glance, a shared desktop is nothing different than a dedicated virtual desktop.

As several users share a virtual machine, the underlying hardware can be used by considerably more users. Up to eight times more users can be supported per server. This improves efficiency and significantly reduces the costs per user. In addition, the software licenses required per user cost less than with desktop virtualisation.

Fields of application

A shared desktop can be used on average for 70% - 80% of users in an organisation. These so-called TaskWorkers have a 100% defined desktop workspace and only require resources for office tasks such as the Microsoft Office package, ERP software and an Internet browser.


  • Stable - extremely intelligent
  • Efficient - high numbers of users per server
  • Independence from locations and end devices
  • Extremely effective and fast scalability
  • Low TOC
  • Facilitated management

If and when you should use shared desktops from Microsoft or Citrix or which end devices are ideal at which workspace - our expert team can help you answer all these questions and more when planning, rolling out and deploying your system.

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