Server Virtualisation

Demand-based portioning saves money

Server virtualisation can "portion" server resources and make several operating systems available simultaneously. This supports parallel use of multiple operating systems (virtual machine) on one hardware. Consolidation offers significant saving potential. The average consolidation factor is 12:1.

New possibilities

Separating the software from the hardware opens up many new possibilities:

  • Low-effort hardware migrations
  • Manufacturer independence
  • Fast reaction to new requirements
  • High availability
  • Foundation for virtual workspace and desktop virtualisation
  • Foundation for business continuity concepts

A dense jungle

Virtually all operating system providers now offer a server virtualisation portfolio. The differences between the systems are not only the functions they provide but also their cost.

When deciding on which system to purchase, you should make sure that it meets your needs and IT planning.

Not every hypervisor offers the functions you require or is compatible with desktop virtualisation or the inherent backup infrastructure.

Our experts can show you which options are available for your infrastructure, which virtualisation concept is right for your demands and what is the right strategy for the years to come.

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