Industrie 4.0
Informationstechnik und operationale Technik vernetzen sich

Industry 4.0

The fourth industrial revolution

The basic principle of Industry 4.0 is to connect every product and system to the Internet of Things. This enables the collection and storage of enormous volumes of data for analyses to gain completely new insights. We are aiming at complete interoperability, for everything to connect and communicate with each other. For example, products and systems can store their history, fully automatically start the next stages of production and synchronise all data with ERP systems.

All-round IT hardware and software solutions:

  • High-performance storage systems
  • Interoperability of IT and OT
  • Implementation of analysis software
  • Integration of the highest security standards
  • Optional cloud connection

We have answers to questions such as

  • How is the data processed?
  • Where is it stored?
  • And how is data security ensured?
  • Are investments worthwhile?

Our solution

  • Potential analysis and optimization of your existing IT environment
  • Cost-benefit planning and investment-secure implementation
  • Performance and reliability guaranteed

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