Just a few years ago, IT administrators wanting to upgrade their IT infrastructure first had to consider how their IT could develop over the years to come. This work could be compared with gazing into the crystal ball. It was extremely difficult to predict how an IT would develop over the mid to long-term. This does not have to be the case today.

Dynamic IT

IT sourcing is no longer aimed at requirements that could exist in 4 years. The emphasis now is on evaluating today's needs and incorporating them into the solution's design. A solution is designed so that all components and subareas can be flexibly adapted to the ever-changing IT requirements. 

The following technologies support these requirements

  • Server virtualisation
  • Storage virtualisation
  • Cloud services
  • Hybrid cloud solutions
  • Flexible licensing models: e.g. on a monthly basis
  • Monitoring


Virtualisation and an independence from hardware and software allows users to extend their infrastructure gradually without having to change the entire design. This can often be performed during operation without any downtimes. Additional hard disk resources can be added to a virtualised storage environment depending on the specific storage and performance needs.

Cloud and hybrid cloud

Many functions such as mail servers, terminal servers, online backup and file sharing tools can be provided on a monthly invoice basis and adapted at any time to current requirements. Services, storage capacity and computing power can also be flexibly leased for the internal infrastructure. And when these are no longer needed, the user does not have to continue paying for them.


Management and administration tools are important factors in a dynamic IT environment. The environment's monitoring tool must be capable of monitoring all the relevant parameters and it should be designed so that it can be easily adapted in all areas. Scaling should be possible in all directions regardless of whether it is operated locally (private cloud), in the public cloud or as a hybrid solution.

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