transtec backup services

No more backup tapes - and still safe?

Data is the underlying asset of many companies. Data backup and recovery are the most sensitive and critical aspects of every organization's IT.

transtec backup services enable you to protect, locate and recover your data in less time across a multitude of platforms.

  • Data backup and data availability at low cost
  • Local data backup and backup in an ISO-certified transtec data centre with tape backup option
  • End-to-end data encryption for maximum data protection
  • Data centre locations with inherent hardware

Online backup

Data centre backup

Managed backup

Local and data centre backup


Incl. backup software
Incl. 1 TB backup space in DC
Incl. 3 virtual machines
Incl. on-site backup at customers  
Incl. backup software

Possible scenarios

Backup of individual virtual servers
Complete DR backup


Backup monitoring and reporting
Escalation management
24/7 support (optional)  


Snapshot backup
Granular, object-level restore (click restore)
Online backup with object restore for Microsoft Exchange, AD, SQL, SharePoint Explorer, Oracle database
WAN optimization
Disaster recovery (optional)  


For each additional VM € 7,50
in data centre
€ 14,90
local and in the data centre
For each additional GB € 2,50
in data centre
€ 5
local and in the data centre
Requirement: Veeam Enterprise (Plus) on site

Your advantages with the transtec cloud backup service

  • No investment in hardware or administration
  • Backup copy in our transtec data centre for enhanced security (incl. tape backup option in data centre)
  • Fast and memory-efficient backup of virtual environments (Microsoft Hyper-V & VMware ESXi)
  • transtec360 service included (8am-6pm, 24x7 on request)
  • Certified data centre in Germany
  • Individual disaster recovery scenarios possible (on request)

All features with our cloud backup

  • Snapshot backup
  • Backup of virtual environments
  • Flexible backup cycles
  • Local recovery and backup in data centre
  • Data encryption (256-bit AES)
  • Encrypted replication
  • Granular file recovery
  • Inline deduplication
  • Compression
  • Full application integration

Our cloud data centres in Stuttgart

Our cloud solutions are based exclusively in our regional high-security data centre in Stuttgart. This is certified in compliance with DIN ISO 27001, ISO 20000 and IDW PS951 and guarantees over 99.5 % availability.

In compliance with German data protection standards

Following the decision of the European Court of Justice at the end of 2015 concerning the SafeHarbor agreement with the USA, which is now virtually no longer valid, cloud services provided by a German provider such as transtec will become significantly more important.

The transtec cloud is operated in compliance with the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG). A highly qualified German and English-language speaking support team and assistance from the transtec360 Service Delivery Centre (24x7 on request) are ensured.

Fail safety with maximum security standards

The data centre is fully redundant in design. Internet lines over various carriers and power supplied over different power transmission lines and providers have been designed to meet maximum availability demands.

rüche ausgelegt.

  • Multiple redundant Internet access with variable bandwidths (in 5 Mbit increments to 10 Gbit)
  • High availability concept of the entire data centre infrastructure
  • High-performance glass-fibre infrastructure
  • General 99.5 % availability over all connections
  • 24x7 access option (on request) for certified persons
  • UPS system for redundant operation
  • Electrical installation with voltage surge protection
  • Emergency power supply via emergency power system
  • 99.9 % p. a. power availability
  • Fire alarm system
  • Fire detection
  • Nitrogen distinguishing system
  • Fire stops
  • Access control system
  • Burglar alarm system
  • Video surveillance
  • Security guard services
  • Air-conditioning systems for redundant operation
  • Air conditioning over raised floors
  • Air-conditioning filter

What exactly is the transtec backup service?

2 ways to back up your data

Basic security

Your data is saved directly in our modern, ISO-certified German data centre. You determine the backup cycle and the amount of recovery points depending on your business requirements.

Premium security

Your data is first backed up on a local system and then replicated in our data centre. The advantage of this backup model is the faster backup speed (higher number of backup points available) and quicker recovery as the data does not have to be downloaded first from the data centre over the encrypted line.

Both solutions deliver data availability whatever your location and a significant added value in comparison to traditional tape backups which are prone to errors in practical scenarios

The transtec360 service offers a holistic solution customized to requirements and ranges from backup monitoring to complete backup and recovery options for your data. This service is also available with 24x7 support and ensures that you have direct contact with a transtec system engineer instead of a call centre.

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