Citrix ShareFile

Share and sync files across different platforms! Easy, safe and professional!

Employees are increasingly using a wide variety of different end devices and operating system platforms. Where once over USB sticks, USB hard disks or offline synchronization could be used to share and sync data, this is no longer so straightforward today due to the lack of interfaces on tablets and smartphones. Citrix ShareFile offers a convenient and encrypted service to share data over virtually any platform and at the same time cut the load on the mail server.

Added benefits for your users

  • Seamless integration into Microsoft Outlook
  • Apps for iOS, Android & Windows Phone
  • Login from a Website via https
  • Presentations and whitepapers can be effortlessly shared

Added benefits for your IT department

  • Drastically cuts the load on the mail server when sending & receiving large attachments
  • Key module for BYOD und encrypted data sharing
  • Central administration of file release and user administration
  • Integration into active directory
  • Optional: the use of custom-managed storage zones for data that, even if encrypted, cannot be stored outside the organization

ShareFile – the easiest way to share data

Work is no longer a “central” place for employees to meet, flesh out ideas and develop solutions. It has become a far more personal activity with team members working at remote locations and flexible working models. To support this trend, an organization’s IT must offer access to corporate data and files across all devices and locations. The cloud-based data sharing and archiving service ShareFile enables IT managers to deploy enterprise-class concepts while ensuring maximum data protection.

ShareFile allows you

  • data access from any location
  • secure and logical sharing and syncing of data
  • enterprise-class access to corporate data across all devices
  • encrypted and documented sending of files

Thanks to ShareFile, IT departments no longer have to worry about the security of their corporate data when accessed from private devices.

Only ShareFile offers the following wide range of features

Large file volume per upload (lOGB)
Access for mobile devices, apps for smartphones and tablets
Encrypted file transfer (SSL/TSL with up to AES 256 Bit)
Encrypted file storage (256 Bit)
Multi-level access management
No software download required
Extensive tracking and auditing functions
Branding features for customer portal
Unlimited amount of external users
Free-of-charge, unlimited customer support for all accounts
Easy file synchronization
Subscriptions can be changed online

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