Encryption (Trojan) Virus

Currently the IT-world is affected by a very tenacious wave of computer viruses. Up to now mainly Windows users were affected, but since the beginning of March also Mac-users have been hit by these viruses.

The most familiar ones of the currently circulating viruses are called

IT security issues compromise functionality of critical infra structures

The anti-virus-manufacturers speak of currently up to 4 to 10 new versions every hour, which have been recognized.

How can you get infected?

  • Email of a known enterprise or courier (UPS, DHL..)

    • office documents containing macros

  • Files with the extension CHM
  • Evil JAVA script files
  • Files with the extension .bat
  • Packed files .zip

How can you protect yourself against these?

transtec offers special training (also as far as data protection is concerned) to increase your security.

transtec360 Services

  • Intensification of email protection guidelines and optimisation of the anti-virus concept

    • Examination of all security products being in use on being up-to-date
    • Block or quarantine attachments (ZIP, BAT, JS,CHM)
    • Activating Sandboxing

  • Educating users by special sensitizing and training on access to (un)known

    • emails or websites

  • Updating patch status of office products

  • Adjusting the backup concept towards the altered threat situation

    • Increase of the number of backups in order not to create too big a “Delta” of data
    • Backup-files on tape /offline

  • Adjust exchange of email attachments

    • - Usage of innovative and secure file exchange platforms, such as OwnCloud or Citrix Sharefile
    • - Relief of mail server and optimizing the data security

  • Prevention from reload of malware code for special mechanisms of the gateway firewall

    • Optimizing the firewall concept with the possibilities of the “next generation firewall”

  • Optimizing the priviledge concept

    • No admin rights for users
    • Central deactivation of macros via group guidelines
    • No unnecessary rights on network drives

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