End device management: companies have to take radical step

Nijmegen, September, 2015 – Managing multiple end devices in a heterogeneous network is an extremely complex task for IT administrators and maximum security is virtually impossible. A centralised solution customised to the enterprise’s require-ments is the only way to facilitate administration says the IT solutions provider ttec.

Companies have witnessed a proliferation in notebooks, smart phones and tablets, making it difficult to keep track of numbers: They not only come from different manufacturers but also have different operating system versions installed and are often in private use by employees.

“It is extremely challenging to manage this heterogeneous landscape, especially if the company deploys separate solutions to manage the different devices”, explains Marc van Schijndel, Managing Director at ttec. “A heterogeneous management environment drives up costs and work involved and, worse still, does not support standardised security standards. It can jeopardise your company’s data.”

Companies have to be prepared to leave their comfort zone behind them and take the radical step: “Get rid of heterogeneous solutions and bring in a centralised management tool”, insists van Schijndel. The only way of successfully managing end devices is to take a holistic approach because only a centralised management tool can meet the company’s specific management demands. The result: facilitated administration, less resources, low operational costs, and last but not least, compliance with the highest security standards. 

“The only downside is the initial investment, in other words the planning, evaluation, testing and of course the purchase costs involved” explains Marc van Schijndel, “But with a fast return of investment and no other alternative of guaranteeing minimum security, this is a small price to pay.”

The central element of this type of holistic solution is the console that can be used across platforms and to administer the entire physical and virtual infrastructure in realtime – not only mobile end devices but also servers and conventional clients.


According to ttec, this type of solution has to offer the following features:

OS and software packet with standards-based software distribution?

Asset management and inventory of hardware and installed software including the relevant software edition

Patch management for various operating systems and applications

License management

Management and implementation of security guidelines

Virus and malware protection

Power management with extensive energy control for distributed end devices and ability to meet energy-saving standards

Mobile management with profile generation and management, device inventory, extensive compliance reports and mobile application management.


“When choosing an end device management solution, it is important to be sure that it can be adapted to a company’s specific demands: a standard application that only partly suits needs will not deliver any benefits”, emphasises Hohl. “It has to be seamlessly integrated into the existing security and management solutions so as not to create additional administration complexity”.

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