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transtec360 Support & Hotline

We promise excellent spare part availability, well over 95% hotline response rates, fast reaction times and friendly call operators - your incident need not turn into a crisis. transtec has its own customer service centre with qualified and competent employees - we believe a personal approach to support is what makes a difference; your incident need not turn into a crisis.

Please provide us with the following details so we can support you fast and efficiently:

  • Local contact with contact details, such as email and phone-no.  
  • Priority of the issue
  • Detailed fault description / system errorcodes
  • System description /-model
  • System serial number
  • System WWN on SAN Switches
  • System location with address, building-/room- and rack-description
  • Access possible for technician / registration required?

Our transtec360 Support Process

Support classification

  • Ticket system
  • Validation (SLAs)
  • Trigger standard incidents
  • Call dispatching
  • Knowledge database
  • Remote access
  • Troubleshooting
  • Request fulfilment
  • Manufacturer/supplier
  • transtec engineering
  • 3rd level system