transtec Multi Vendor Service

An opportunity to optimize costs and simplify your processes

Cost optimization

Cost optimization

Covered device classes

We support the device classes of almost all renowned manufacturers.

Manufacturers charge a lot for their services. This often leads to increased costs after purchasing the hardware. It doesn’t have to be that way. The transtec Multi Vendor Service can offer savings up to 50% compared to the manufacturer’s original service, depending on the system. This includes a whole range of manufacturers and device classes. Extract from the manufacturers and device classes

Runtime optimization

Runtime optimization

Phase model of the device runtime

Options of the service purchase in relation to the age of the device

Many systems are used in critical environments over extended periods of time. However, manufacturer services often have a limited duration and thus the systems are either replaced although still fully functional, or operated without service. Thus in case of failure, procuring spare parts and restoring the device becomes a problem for the customer.

The transtec Multi Vendor Service provides a solution. For all systems that are still in working order maintenance can be provided even after the manufacturer's warranty has expired. This increases the service life and usage cycles of your systems. 

Process optimization

Process optimization

Multi Vendor Service (MVS) in case of failure

Who never got lost in the warranty and service terms of different manufacturers?

Different SLAs, notification conditions and various contacts for each manufacturer make you lose time in case of service and the systems are inoperative over an extended period of time even though the SLA may indicate otherwise.

With the transtec Multi Vendor Service these processes of service notification can be simplified.

Leave the maintenance of your infrastructure to us and we provide you with a steady contact for your systems regardless of the manufacturer.

SLA optimization – worldwide

SLA optimization – worldwide

Many manufacturers operate globally but offer different SLAs for different countries. Therefore especially companies with various international sites receive very different SLAs for the same systems at their respective locations.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Due to our international structure, we can depict corresponding uniform SLAs in many different countries all around the world (75 countries). Thus you obtain your desired SLA company-wide and not based on your location.

The transtec Multi Vendor Service

  • simplifies your processes
  • reduces costs and stress
  • complies with your needs
  • extends the usage cycles of your systems

The concept is well-rounded.

Design your own service agreement based on your individual needs with the help of our expertise.

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