Focus topics

The topic of machine learning covers a wide range of different technologies with their roots in statistics, neurobiology and IT. A very exciting field for machine learning lies in neural networks which are based on the biological structure model.

Unter den transtec Cloud Solutions verstehen wir einen äußerst flexiblen und individuellen Einsatz von Infrastruktur und Services unter Berücksichtigung höchstmöglicher Sicherheit und Datenverfügbarkeit.

The basic principle of Industry 4.0 is to connect every product and system to the Internet of Things. This enables the collection and storage of enormous volumes of data for analyses...

Hardware performance is but one aspect of HPC, but in many development departments workflow optimization is key. In the CAE/CAD environments of many companies the focus ...

Just a few years ago, IT administrators wanting to upgrade their IT infrastructure first had to consider how their IT could develop over the years to come ...

Users' IT requirements are changing constantly. Although the demand for a fast PC/workstation performance has not changed, today's users require even more...

The demand for desktop virtualisation is justified by the considerable effort and expense required to administer individual workstations.

Employees are increasingly using a wide variety of different end devices and operating system platforms.

Windows 10 is available now in the editions Pro and Home.

IBM MaaS360

The various IBM MaaS360 product suites offer a wide range of platform-wide solutions for isolating and protecting business data on employees’ private devices.

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