Lifecycle Management

Alongside the increasing quantity of devices that are deployed in an enterprise's IT, the complexity of managing these devices also increases. The mobility and flexibility of employees is becoming an ever-important factor. In spite of these business lines requirements, how can we still guarantee the availability and security of devices and data? Efficient solutions with regards to time savings and costs are in demand.

The following topics are integrated into a systematic lifecycle management concept:

Evaluation and rollout

  • Devices to be deployed, taking into account all relevant factors
  • Define standard devices and configurations
  • Rollout of operating systems and programs, taking into account the defined standards

Protection and safety

  • Installation of a centrally managed virus protection program
  • Guarantee the safety of data saved locally
  • Defined scenario in the event of theft or loss of the device
  • Limit user rights to guarantee security
  • Management of cloud integrations
  • Compliance with guidelines

Software / app sharing

  • Centralised, systematic update/patch management for all devices and applications
  • Efficient (automatic) sharing of software and apps
  • Comply with installation and software version standards


  • Automatic, up-to-date inventory of devices
  • License management for all applications
  • Central management of the deployed apps
  • Update commercial data


  • Efficient user support options
  • Systematic change management
  • Adapt to existing ticket systems

Our solution

Systematic management of devices across the entire lifecycle enormously reduces downtime risks. The cost and time savings should also not be underestimated. Intelligent products are available on the market which can be deployed to efficiently manage servers and PCs as well as mobile devices. transtec offers support in the design, planning, rollout and operation of an extensive lifecycle management concept.

"Mobile" Topics

IBM Endpoint Manager

IBM Endpoint Manager (EPM) is an extremely powerful tool for the realtime administration of all an organization's physical and virtual servers and clients (PCs & mobile devices).

Services - transtec360

Services - transtec360

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