Business Continuity

Business continuity is not a single product but covers an entire concept of coordinated IT solutions, defined processes and plans as well as the required knowledge to prevent downtimes and failure and to continue running in disaster situations.

Data security does not mean availability

Besides planning to avoid operational downtimes caused by IT problems (incident management), IT emergency planning also involves the fastest recovery of a system's operational efficiency in the event of a catastrophe.

It can take several days to recover an IT infrastructure even if data backups are performed regularly. What are the consequences?

Business opportunities are lost, employees cannot work or are restricted and you are faced with a dissatisfied customer.

Your requirements are priority

Not every application is enterprise-critical and not every system has to meet the highest SLAs. Lower-level SLAs are often adequate for systems such as archives, software sharing, test systems etc.

It is important to know a company's processes, to identify company-critical workflows and the affected systems and data: a business continuity concept can then not only increase operational security but also increase profitability and efficiency.

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