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transtec's main endeavour in the development and production of products is to please its customers. You should receive a product from transtec that is manufactured in an environmentally-friendly manner that is safe and energy-efficient in use and that can be disposed of safely and without damaging the environment.

During product manufacturing, we can control directly that the materials and components used fulfil these criteria. We unfortunately cannot directly influence how the product is disposed of, the customer must return the product separately to ensure a correct and clean disposal.

Recycling benchmarks at transtec

On a European level based on the WEEE guidelines (2002/96/EG guideline from the European Parliament and the board from January 27, 2003 electrical and electronic equipment law), the manufacturer is required by law to provide a free-of-charge return for customer's old equipment. Following the introduction into German law, transtec is obliged to register the company and to mark all new equipment with a symbol (slashed rubbish bin).

In Germany, the manufacturers have registered by the „Old Electrical Equipment Register (EAR)“ and recorded their sales volume. Depending on their market share in the relevant product category, the manufacturers receive from EAR a collection obligation notice from the local collection points.

transtec is registered at EAR under the WEEE reg. no. DE92632320.


Procedure and information for returned goods

Equipment from private households (B2C)
In compliance with the national enactment of this law, transtec equipment from private households can be handed into local collection points free-of-charge from March 2006. As different regions vary in terms of their policies on accepting returned goods, we recommend contacting your particular municipality to find out more on their waste management policy, disposal calendar or similar information.


Equipment from other places of origin other than private households (B2B)
As of March 24, 2006, all old electrical and electronic equipment that was sold after August 13, 2005 can be returned free of charge by commercial customers to the manufacturers or to suppliers appointed by the manufacturers.

In the event that the customer requests transtec to collect and transport units, the costs for collection and transport are calculated based on current market prices and invoiced to our business customers. transtec accepts the costs for recycling and disposal and provides these services free of charge for our business customers.

As of March 26, 2006, a separate regulation (which deviates from the standard policy) can be negotiated with commercial customers.

Old transtec equipment that complies with the conditions set out above and is labelled with the slashed rubbish bin should be sent to the following delivery location:

transtec AG
Gerhard-Kindler-Straße 8
72770 Reutlingen


Batteries and battery packs

Information on the legal regulations for the distribution, return and environmentally-friendly disposal of batteries and battery packs
(German Battery Directive – 'BattG')

Registration requirements
Since March 1, 2010, manufacturers and importers of batteries and battery packs are obliged according to the §4 Battery Directive to declare their market participation to the German Federal Environmental Agency and to take part in an official used-battery collection scheme. transtec AG contracts 'GRS Batterien', the largest disposal company of batteries in Germany.

Labelling requirements

  • All batteries and battery packs must be labelled with the symbol with the slashed rubbish bin.
  • If the contents of quicksilver (Hg), cadmium (Cd) and lead (Pb) exceed specific limits, the relevant chemical symbols must be added.
  • The battery's capacity must be indicated on all batteries.

Return requirements
The manufacturers and importers must accept old batteries returned by the retailers free of charge and recycle them according to § 14 of the German Battery Directive.

Obligation to inform according to § 18 BattG battery regulation
End users are obliged by law to return old batteries. Disposing of old batteries in household waste can have harmful effects on the environment and on your health.

transtec AG customers can return old batteries by post to the following address for a correct and free-of-charge disposal.

transtec AG
Gerhard-Kindler-Straße 8
72770 Reutlingen

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